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Maxwell's technology by Gartner auto electronic "coolest suppliers"

Source: | Published:2014.05.27

Industry leading super capacitor energy storage and transmission solutions developer and producer Maxwell's science and technology corporation (nasdaq: MXWL) announced that the company in the Gartner released "2014 automotive electronic coolest supplier" in the report was rated as "Cool Vendor (supplier of the coolest)". Report of the coolest suppliers in the automotive application of man-machine interface, energy storage developed innovative technology and machine visual field. Maxwell is one of the few in the service of the automobile industry one of the super capacitor manufacturer. With its unique dry electrode manufacturing process technology, improves the speed and efficiency of production, Maxwell component of the automobile industry development cycle is long, strict requirements.
Gartner research director and the combination of the report writer James Hines said: "as compared with previous car networking level, automation level and environmental protection level is improved, thus support the function of computing power and related electronic technology has become the key links of car development."
, "said Maxwell's chief operating officer John Warwick confirmed by Gartner research, there are more cars company seeking help meet higher fuel efficiency standards of electronic technology. As a result of our super capacitor, the relevant quality certification, can provide high power, support the quick charge, so they are the ideal choice for high power motors application. For psa Peugeot Citroen and lamborghini company development system based on super capacitor voltage stability of German Continental group (Continental) now attracts more enterprises to join in, at the same time, lamborghini will also have the super capacitor used in sports car ai Wen Da start-stop system (Aventador)."
Automobile application of super capacitor has many USES, including regenerative braking system, the start-stop system, as well as the power steering gear, air conditioning compressor and vehicle energy support system voltage stability and other components. Capacity through chemical reaction and energy storage battery, super capacitor products using Maxwell greater than ordinary capacitor electric field energy storage, so the super capacitor compared with ordinary capacitor has more energy storage capacity. Super capacitor to perform in a few milliseconds to charge and discharge, in - 40 to + 65 ℃ temperature range, can complete millions of times of charge and discharge cycle, reliable and impact resistance, vibration resistance, resistance to overcharge.
Disclaimer: Gartner is not publicly supported research report any manufacturer, our products or services, also do not recommend technical users only choose manufacturers with the highest scores. Gartner research report represents the views of Gartner, a research organization, only should not be considered as facts. Gartner, this study does not undertake any express or implied warranty, including merchantability for special purpose and any guarantee availability.
About technology: Maxwell Maxwell technology in innovative, cost-effective energy storage and transmission solution development and manufacturing in the world leading position. Our super capacitor products for consumer and industrial electronics, transportation and application in the field of telecom to provide a safe and reliable power supply solution. Our CONDIS? High pressure equalizing and coupling capacitor helps to ensure that electric power facilities and application such as transmission and distribution system and the safety and reliability of high voltage measuring system.

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