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Centrifugal Filter

MANN-FILTER centrifugal filter


Intelligent technology. Efficient filtration. 

During the combustion of diesel fuels, soot particles are formed and some of these then get into the lubricating oil. Modern oils containing additives trap these soot particles in suspension in order to prevent sludge deposits in the engine. The consequence: more and more wear-inducing particles thicken the engine oil. The solution lies in a process in which part of the lubricating oil is diverted and finely filtered separately by a secondary flow centrifuge. The OKIYA centrifugal filter is able to filter even the smallest soot particles (1 μm) out of the oil and thus support the main flow filter. 
The centrifuge rotor is rotated by the pressure of the diverted oil flow. Depending on the oil temperature and viscosity, more than 10,000 rotations per minute can be achieved, as a result of which the impurities in the oil are pressed against the outer wall of the centrifuge, compressed and adsorbed. In this way, centrifuge rotors reliably free oils of even the smallest solid particles, such as dust, abraded metal and soot particles.
Centrifugal Filter
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