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Create "Wolf fort" China chengdu automobile industry is gaining momentum

Source: | Published:2014.05.27

A few days ago, is located in chengdu, southwest base in faw Volkswagen, as a new jetta off the production line, marked the southwest base production by 1 million. Director, general manager Zhang Pijie faw Volkswagen, said this year the base of the whole car production will have new development, the goal for 600000. It is understood that the faw Volkswagen base from the foundation to realize the output of 1 million vehicles in just five years, and the first 1 million of the faw Volkswagen spent 12 years. "It was a milestone moment, was born in the development of faw Volkswagen new records." Zhang Pijie said.

Faw bus (chengdu) co., LTD., vice general manager of Li Fangchao also refer to the following data to express the rapid development of automobile industry in chengdu surprised: chengdu took only three years makes the vehicle output reached more than 70, and reached that figure in tianjin for ten years, changchun for 50 years. As a result, he forecast chengdu will become a very important pattern of China's automobile industry.

Chengdu through open zone investment services faw Volkswagen auto industry investment services division Xie Xingyun says, faw Volkswagen and put into production in 2012 in chengdu auto gain explosive growth, the production of 240000 cars, production doubled last year, 490000 vehicles a year, this year will be more than 600000 vehicles.

According to the chengdu industry "1313" of the development of differential transformation strategy, chengdu will strive to output up to 1.3 million cars in the city in 2017, main business income is 250 billion yuan of above. Chengdu by the open area more offered to forge a "world-class auto industry city, internationalization city" of the quality of life.

Sichuan car dreams

In fact, by the open area in chengdu development history is not long, but is bearing the weight of the dream of the whole sichuan. Because of auto industry layout in chongqing in sichuan province before, after each partition in 1997, sichuan auto industry suddenly fell into the "poor". Become a dream in sichuan auto industry restructuring.

In the process of chasing the dream, also have sprung up many pioneer. Such as sichuan bus, car manufacturers in chengdu, chengdu bus, such as the development direction from the agricultural to the truck, bus, etc., but due to reasons such as system, capital, technology, chengdu car dreams don't always.

Connecting with the sichuan station wagon manufacturers. The factory have multiple models of production qualification, after its first joint venture with faw Toyota production, and then acquired by faw group, faw changed its name to chengdu, then moved to chengdu by the open area at the national level.

At the time of the open area in chengdu "thought is a project you can come in, gathered in the park the mechanical, electrical and electronic, food, building materials, medicine and other a lot of industry enterprises", Xie Xingyun says, with faw in chengdu as well as to the market and industry, chengdu by the open area to determine the main development of automobile industry.

Car chase dream is difficult. Xie Xingyun said that from 2005 to 2009, chengdu after open the development mainly rely on god, steel and other construction machinery and each ZhongYan to support. In addition to this, only 2007 years of geely automobile 85000 investment projects, the project in 2008 to expand production capacity to 200000 vehicles.

Chengdu by the open area to follow up the auto giants started for a long time. After more than three years of efforts to finally talked down the faw Volkswagen, and its settled in officially opened the prelude of chengdu car booming. Subsequently, the blowout of the car industry, faw Toyota, the universiade enterprises have announced by the open area. In 2013, the district of the whole car production has reached 732000 units.

For such a rapid development, faw Volkswagen matching suppliers is much rich, deputy general manager of d - Johnson Li Fuyuan feelings, they are to invest as faw Volkswagen, came through the open area of the equipment maintenance and so on all is lack, and now is very convenient, is incomplete. Li Fangchao believe that chengdu auto industry by leaps and bounds of reason, lies in the side of the huge market and excellent investment environment.

"The Chinese Wolf fort"

Germany's Volkswagen headquarters in wolfsburg, Germany, namely wolfsburg, the world famous auto city. Faw - Volkswagen settled in and the growth of the blowout, inspired in chengdu a bigger dream - to become "China's Wolf fort".

Now chengdu by the open area has faw Toyota, faw Volkswagen, CNS and well-known automobile enterprise, such as Volvo, universiade car as well as Bosch, thyssenkrupp 290 key parts enterprises, initially formed "ten seven machine" car leading industry system, the preliminary set up a platform of 1.5 million vehicle capacity production.

Chengdu chengdu industry "1313" in the transformation of differentiation strategy analysis, China's auto industry is expected to have 10 ~ 15 years of development opportunity, relying on a solid industrial foundation and radiation radius of the Midwest market, on the increment and stock ready, we will unswervingly "for big strong", can continue to become bigger and stronger industry in chengdu. Chengdu's goal is to strive for to the vehicle production of 1.3 million units in 2017, main business income is 250 billion yuan of above.

At the appointed time, chengdu will no doubt become a central city in the pattern of China's automobile industry, and in Shanghai, guangzhou and other places.

Of course, the demise of the Detroit also warning in chengdu.

Xie Xingyun said, chengdu by the open area in the process of investment promotion and capital introduction also takes into consideration these problems, in auto industry at the same time must consider long-term development, must have the prospective, industry to be competitive, should have the ability of independent research and development, must have the ability to innovate, to the development of the whole car industry chain.

At present, chengdu by the open area, with emphasis on the auto industry, research and development institutions 160, 139 high and new technology, innovative enterprises. Gabriel Garcia marquez photoelectric, harman multimedia 10 high-end research and development operation of the completion of the project. Kong Hui chassis testing center, sichuan equipment manufacturing information center and other eight public technology platform, the Swiss SGS, the German TUV and other 10 testing certification service platform and the Milky Way, the tripod with two handles peak of a batch of headquarters economy operation of the completion of the project.

At the same time, in the process of investment promotion and capital introduction, also focus on strategic emerging industries China merchants gathered. Around a new generation of electronic information technology, new materials, new energy, energy conservation, environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing and so on five big industry plan, in the information technology, new material (APS), carbon fiber, new energy (walter, car batteries, sichuan nonferrous metal lithium iron phosphate battery) to further intensify investment promotion and capital introduction.

In order to further development, and promote common development, and in other areas of the chengdu by the open area from "a business area" to "area many garden" to change. The reality is, chengdu by the open area to differentiate more than 60 square kilometers has been basically finished, they began to active and the surrounding area (city) county park, cannot undertake the transfer of enterprise to the park.

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