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European automotive plastic market over the next five years will top $7.2 billion

Source: | Published:2014.05.27

In recent years, with automotive original equipment manufacturers and producers of composite materials, the growing demand for lightweight materials, the high-performance automotive plastic market demand is rising.

Compared with the traditional metal materials, automotive plastic not only can maximize meet the demands of automobile manufacturers of parts, also can reduce the processing cost, reduce oil consumption.

Besides have high environmental sustainability, high-performance automotive plastics also have strong design flexibility and operation safety. At present, in the bumper, hood automotive plastic cover, air bags and belts, and other parts have been widely used. High-performance plastics not only can reduce vehicle weight, also can have the effect of shock absorption, wear-resisting, thereby extending the service life of the car better.

Market-research firm frost recently published assessment report, European high-performance automotive plastic market value of $2013 in 4.22 billion, is expected to rise to $7.26 billion in 2019. Despite the global economic crisis has cut back on Europe Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece in countries such as the owner's interest, but automotive plastic strength of market demand for energy saving, consumption reduction, such as lightweight concept of thorough popular feeling increased.

In terms of cost, plastic auto parts more cost advantage than traditional metal parts. Although etc metal material price higher than that of automotive plastics, but the latter is more feasible and can greatly reduce processing, assembly and other late fees. In addition, with the wide use of high-performance plastics in automobile industry, the price will fall further.

The purpose of the plastic film of seven

1, use the PVA coated high barrier plastic film

Polyvinyl alcohol high barrier composite membrane, is based on polyethylene plastic base material, the modified pva water-soluble liquid coating formed in the substrate of high barrier property of the film. Because pva high barrier composite film has good barrier properties, and conform to the requirements of environmental protection, so this kind of packaging materials market prospect is very bright, in the food industry has a broad market space.

2, two-way stretching polypropylene film (BOPP) purposes

Two-way stretch polypropylene film was developed in 1960 s of a transparent flexible packaging materials. It is the specialized production line mixing polypropylene raw material and functional additives, mixing, melt into sheet, and then through the stretch film. BOPP film not only has the original PP resin of low density, good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, good benefits, and thin film optical performance is good, high mechanical strength, abundant raw material sources.

In addition, it can be used in the preparation of electrician membrane, the functional sex of the microporous membrane for high-value-added products, so the development prospects of the BOPP film is very promising. By the year 2004, the production capacity of 1.9 million tons of BOPP film production line in our country, the actual output is about 1.76 million tons.

3, low density polyethylene film (LDPE) purposes

Is under high pressure, low density polyethylene vinyl radical polymerization for synthetic resin, so it is also called "high-pressure polyethylene". LPDE main chain length with different type of branched chain branched chain molecules, per 1000 in the main chain of carbon atoms with about 15 ~ 30 ethyl, butyl or longer branched chain. Due to the length of the molecular chain contains more branched chain, so products of low density, flexible, good low temperature resistance, impact resistance, good chemical stability, general acid (except strong oxidizing acid), alkali, salt corrosion effect, has a good electrical insulating performance.

The application areas of low density polyethylene film is also very widely, such as packaging. Polyethylene packaging film sort is various, its performance also vary, monolayer film performance of a single, composite membrane performance is complementary, become the main material of food packaging. Second, polyethylene film is applied in the field of civil engineering, such as the geomembrane. It have waterproof effect in the course of civil engineering, and has extremely low permeability. Application on agriculture is polluting plastics, can be divided into films, film, bitter tectorial membrane, investment, etc.

4, use the polyester film (PET)

Polyester film, commonly known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastics. Using legal system into thick slices, then through two-way stretch film material. Polyester film is characterized by excellent mechanical properties, rigidity, high hardness and toughness, durability, resistance to friction, high and low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, good air tightness and sweet, is one of the commonly used resistance permeability composite film substrate, but not in the corona resistance. The polyester film price is higher, the thickness of the average of 0.12 mm, the outer layer of the commonly used for packaging of food packaging materials, printing is better. Because of the complexity of the polyester film and difficult to determine, bring certain difficulty to the customs supervision.

5, use the nylon plastic film

The chemical name for nylon polyamide (PA), the current is a wide variety of industrial production of nylon, used to produce thin film the main varieties of nylon 6, nylon 12, nylon 66, etc. Nylon film is a kind of very tough film, good transparency, and has good gloss, high tensile strength, tensile strength, but also has good heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and organic solvent resistance, abrasion resistance, durable sex good, and is soft, good resistance of oxygen resistance, but for poor water vapor barrier property, moisture absorption and moisture permeability is bigger, poor heat sealing property, suitable for packing hard objects, such as sex fat food, meat, Fried food, vacuum packing food, cooking food, etc.

6, stretch film, polypropylene film (CPP) purposes

Stretch film is produced by melt flow delay quenching a flat without stretching, non-directional squeeze film. It is the production speed, high yield, the characteristics of thin film transparency, good gloss, thickness uniformity, the balance is excellent in performance. Because of the squeeze film is flat, the follow-up work such as printing, composite is extremely convenient, widely used in textiles, flowers, food, daily necessities packaging.

7, use the aluminized plastic film

Aluminum plating film has both the characteristic of plastic film, also has the characteristics of the metal. The role of the aluminum plating thin film surface is shading, prevent ultraviolet irradiation, extend the shelf life of the contents, and improve the brightness of the film, from a certain extent, instead of aluminum foil, also has a low price, beautiful and good barrier properties. Therefore, aluminum plating film and they are widely used in the composite packaging is mainly used in biscuit dry, puffed food packaging, and on some medicine and cosmetics packaging.

Plastic instrument analysis method mainly has the following two methods:

A, infrared spectrometry, plastic instrument analysis method

Using infrared spectroscopy to detect organic matter, when light, infrared spectrometer after exposure to the surface of the object to be detected, organic matter can produce absorption characteristics, to the emission of infrared light absorption, then generates infrared spectrum. Because each has its specific organic compounds of the infrared absorption spectrum, infrared spectrum is therefore a useful qualitative analysis tool. Ir spectra can be used for quantitative analysis, at the same time based on the theory of (Lambert beer law. Such as the analysis and identification of the types of plastic, plastic chain structure, plastic processing orientation, research of reaction. Quantitative analysis of the infrared spectrum of the polymer materials were widely used in the study, such as additives or determination of the content of impurities in the sample, or blend copolymer composition determination of polymer grafting and crosslinking degree analysis, and the consumption of raw materials and products in the process of polymer reaction generated rate determination, etc.

By infrared spectrum method, the operation is simple, the spectrogram characteristic, therefore is one of the ideal methods to identify high polymer. Using infrared spectrum method not only can distinguish between different types of plastic film.

Second, gas chromatography - plastic instrument analysis method

Gas chromatography (GC) is a gas as a kind of liquid phase chromatography, based on analysis of measuring low boiling point of organic compounds and the powerful weapon of permanent gases. To test the plastic products of different additives content, GC method with high sensitivity, the commonly used detector with electron capture detector (ECD) and hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID). However, these two kinds of detector are easily polluted by organic matter, and thus the sensitivity change is bigger, this requires tighter to the tested samples before processing.

As is known to all, plastic materials and products with excellent comprehensive performance, low price, easy processing, etc, as a new material has extensive departments of national economy and people's life in all areas, in company with steel, wood, cement become four supporting material, not only make up for the part of the quality and quantity deficiency of traditional materials, and orders, technical progress has become certain department indispensable materials.

But plastic brings civilization at the same time, also harm to the environment, the world total plastic waste a year up to 50 million L plastic film, garbage bags, shopping bags, tableware, food packaging and industrial packaging materials and so on the disposable plastic waste pollution agricultural chuan, tourist resorts, coastal port, biological eating environment problem increasingly serious, caused the great attention of the whole society and the backlash, the UK but to even with the invention of the plastic bags rated as "the worst human invention", although biased, but more than 80 billion plastic bags a year after the use, basic are turned into waste overload in nature, the environmental pollution is very serious indeed.

Plastic processing before landfill, incineration, and recycling are the main types of methods. For around 10% of overall plastic products of plastic waste c because of its wide application field, use of scattered, waste weight, small volume, so recycling is not reality and economy, and these products is the main source of white pollution in urban environment, for this type of products the use of biodegradable plastic is more advantageous.

After the recycled plastic is to point to in its service life is still considered worthy of use in recycling plastic, almost all thermoplastics with functions of recycled.

However in the process of machining using molecular weight loss, the reworked material cannot be used in place of high performance requirements. Therefore, people need a simple, effective and low cost method to decrease the loss of molecular weight and performance degradation. Jia yi let TMSAG - 008 chain extender provides a new solution.

SAG styrene - 008 is a kind of reactive compatibilizers, its special molecular design and control of molecular weight, ensure that the product has excellent chemical reactivity in resin, good dispersion and thermal stability.

It has to PA, PBT, PC, PET, TPU and biodegradable materials PLA, PBS, PHA, PHB, photo, etc have a significant effect of extender chain. By epoxide group and the above have degradable polymer end group response, recovery of polycondensation resin molecular weight and viscosity, increase the melt viscosity, increase the melt strength, essentially improve the low quality of recycled plastics processing performance, the recycled plastics performance reached the level of new material.

Compared with low molecular weight on the market chain extension agent, resin level SAG - 008 has better thermal stability, and won't appear congestion charging in use process, as well as the black spots and excessive gelation problems.

Plastic net news: the environment problem is one of the toughest challenges facing the 21st century in China, to protect the environment is to guarantee long-term and stable economic growth and realize the sustainable development of the fundamental interests of the state. And with the increasing of people environmental protection consciousness, pollution-free and friends of the environment packaging is more popular with the masses of consumers. Therefore, green packaging was born.

Green packaging is a new concept in traditional developed under the packaging, it is harmless to ecological environment and human health and to reuse and regeneration and in accordance with the sustainable development of the packaging. Is a necessary choice to solve the serious environmental pollution, after will be the trend of the packaging industry. Green packaging materials is not only to health, environmental protection, but also have the packaging should have of function and performance.

Due to the impact of the global financial crisis storm, countries around the world in the development of industrial production growth slowed. But because the world packaging industry has a combination, measures such as multinational cooperation, make the world packaging industry has a new development, the steady growth of packaging materials, packaging products, packaging new material, new craft, new technology, new products constantly emerging, plastic packaging still maintained a high growth rate.

A, new polyester packaging clueless: compelling in the world of polyethylene naphthalate formic acid glycol ester (PEN) is a new kind of polyester include material. Due to the molecular structure of the PEN and PET similar to instead of benzene, naphthalene ring PEN is better than PET has excellent barrier property, especially linear, heat resistance, resistance, anti ultraviolet (ordinary amorphous PEN thermal deformation temperature of 10007 ℃, and PET only about 70 ℃). In the near future, PEN will pour into packaging, again after the PET packaging revolution.

Second, the new type of degradable plastics, with the international environmental standards ISO14000 implementation of new biodegradable plastic much attention. Germany BASF introduced a brand for ECOHEXD aliphatic diol and the degradation of aromatic dicarboxylic acid polymerization of polyester resin, can be used for film production. According to introducing, the degradable plastics market demand for 20000 tons, the main application field for compost bags, garbage bags, plastic film, composite paper, fast food packaging container and drink cup, etc.

Three, vigorously develop metallocene plastic: metallocene is formed by transition metal connected with cyclopentadiene organometallic coordination compounds. Metallocene polyolefin is that metallocene coordination compound (netallocene) as a catalyst for olefin polymerization of polymers. Metallocene polymers have many advantages, such as processing performance, high strength, high rigidity and excellent transparency, good performance, thus received the great attention, and therefore the launched many new products. Metallocene plastic will directly impact PP, MDPE often present PE, LLDPE, elastomer plastic city in the world demand for 40 million tons, the meter by 2005 will increase to 50 million tons, most parts of the increase of metallocene polyethylene. Metallocene plastic has many advantages, such as good gloss, high melt strength and membrane stability, is suitable for food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, shrink film and health supplies, etc.

Four, foamed plastics to A zero pollution: the Italian company A - MUT the extrusion foaming of PP village is the latest development of foam plastic products. It applies the MOH - TELL the company's high viscosity resin, high melt strength polypropylene (HMSPP), PP homopolymer with low ODP chemical foaming agent, produce have tiny pores and uniform distribution of foamed polypropylene sheet (EPP). Foamed HMSPP used PP accounts for only 12.5%, has great economic significance and environmental significance: it compared with PP sheet has the same performance, the product density is low, you can save 20% of the raw materials, thus saving 20% because of the destruction of ecological environment required to pay fees. Packing foam production along the exhibition the CFC - as - the road development of HFC - HC, is being low to zero ODP and GWP, low pollution green technological advance.

Five, the combination of opening up new ground: in 1997, the world's production of PP is as high as 23 million tons, the competition is very fierce. Two-way stretch PP film is growing rapidly in recent years, the 1997 world BOPP production capacity has reached 2.82 million tons, 6% growth in 1998 than in 1997. The EXXON, PMT, Bruckner, the company is still the two-way stretch film production one of the biggest manufacturers. The international market competition is intense, make firms more collectivization, the production rationalization, competition heats up.

Six, medical new packing is particularly gratifying: in recent years, closely related to people's health medical plastic packaging.

Green packaging is developed in the mode of traditional packaging design of the new idea, it is harmless to ecological environment and human health, can reuse and regeneration and conform to the packaging of sustainable development, is a necessary choice to solve the serious environmental pollution. Its concept has two meanings: one is to protect the environment, another is to save resources. The two complement each other and inseparable. The protection of the environment is the core, saving resources and protecting the environment and closely related, because saving can reduce the waste of resources, also is actually from the source to the environment protection.

Green packaging has become the focus of the whole international society, because of the special complexity of environmental problems and pollution, environmental damage regardless of national boundaries, pollution, a country neighbour is damaged, not only endangering the survival of the common people, the health of society, the enterprise production, market prosperity, also through various channels caused international disputes about natural resources. So in order to our common homeland, we should also do adhere to the green environmental protection, against pollution.

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