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High tire industry access threshold is expected to be set

Source: | Published:2014.05.27

Auto supplies, the tire industry access conditions (draft) issued, layout and scale of tire enterprises, technology and quality, energy and resource consumption, environmental protection has made specific requirements, tire industry access high threshold is expected to be set. We have learned, at present most of industry leading enterprises have been ready, basic easy to cope with the new rules, barriers to entry set will be more close down backward production facilities.

Set the barriers to entry

Draft, according to the tire industry access conditions is introduced to accelerate the tire industry structure adjustment, standardize the order of industry production and operation, restrain low level repeated construction, guide sustainable and healthy development of the industry. The implementation of the access object, including car tires (excluding tyre) and engineering machinery tyre.

Last July, China rubber industry association, authorized by ministry of industry, the association is organized in the tire industry access conditions, the formulation of the research. At that time the industry standards for admittance into industries are expected to add to the green tire, tire the specific standard of product quality requirements and the defective product recall, etc.

The draft released by the ministry of basic content in line with the previously expected. Draft regulations, tire enterprises need to consider the environmental capacity, "three wastes" treatment on layout and other factors. Detailed provisions in terms of scale, the newly built and renovated truck radial tire project, formed a production capacity should reach annual output of more than 1.2 million; Construction, reconstruction and light truck radial tyres and car radial tire project, formed a production capacity should reach the annual output of more than 6 million; New and reconstruction engineering machinery tyre (except huge engineering machinery tyre) project, a form should achieve annual output of more than 30000 production capacity.

In addition, the draft also respectively rules for new and existing tire enterprises energy and resources consumption. Provides new tyre production enterprises fresh water consumption should be lower than 7 ton/tons of tires, the existing enterprise should be less than 8 tons/tons of tire products. New and existing tyre production enterprises shall meet the relevant rubber consumption, the enterprise industrial water reuse rate index, solid waste comprehensive utilization, etc. The index of the existing tire enterprises need to achieve by the end of 2017 the new tire enterprises to the corresponding level.

Leading to cope with pressure

Recently, tire industry is experiencing a round of expansion, many enterprises in the tyre raw material prices low product profit space expansion, the rapid development of automobile industry driven factors such as market demand is big, the expansion of tire production. Qingdao doublestar released in February this year will increase plan, company to increase to raise no more than 900 million yuan, used for binary relocation transformation and upgrading of the green environmental protection intelligent tires demonstration base construction and reinforce company liquidity. The wheel co released in April will increase plan, company intends to non-public way fundraising amount does not exceed 1.2 billion yuan of money, all for companies with annual capacity of 15 million big high-performance radial tyre rim project.

The enterprises in the industry on the new capacity in the scale, technology, environmental protection and other aspects of a high standard. In addition, the existing tire enterprise technology upgrading, environmental protection investment has also been performed. Copper cash on shares, said the company new capacity more focused on the high performance and green environmental protection, the existing production capacity also require corresponding updates.

The personage inside course of study says, because of industry admittance threshold is expected to improve, the traditional craft to phase out factors, such as industry leading enterprises are already in production process, product energy consumption, solid waste disposal, etc to do optimization and upgrading of the corresponding policy response level of new rules does not exist a lot of pressure, entry barriers once issued will be more phase out backward production capacity of some small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry.

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