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Double global electric car battery strong market development

Source: | Published:2014.05.27

Recently, market research firm LuxResearch published research report, the electric car battery market is developing rapidly, in the first quarter of 2014, driven by strong demand in the us market plug-in electric cars and hybrid electric vehicle battery revenue of $660 million, among them, the private purchases higher sales models of battery market has played a driving role.

Plug-in electric cars and hybrid electric vehicle battery market rapid growth, in the past three years soared to more than three times, reached 1.4 GWh each quarter demand. In 2013, and tesla's successful cooperation, the panasonic win as a plug-in car battery market 39% market share. Followed by the NEC, the market share of 27%, lg chemical company (LGChem) market share of 9%, ranked third. GS yuasa, byd and other brands of common market of 25%.

Material, lithium ion battery continued to expand the lead, followed by the nimh batteries. In the first quarter of 2014, the demand of lithium ion battery in 1.4 GWh accounted for 68%, nickel metal hydride batteries account for 28%, the next generation of solid-state batteries accounted for only less than 1%.

The agency's analysts CosminLaslau said, even if the electric car sales is less than 1% of car sales, such as panasonic and NEC battery company also can obtain huge profits. For battery manufacturers, electric vehicle power transmission system is the most profitable. Hybrid car market size is very big, such as the Toyota prius is Japan and the United States of California's best-selling car, the small battery energy storage needs much less than pure electric vehicles. In the first quarter of 2014, a hybrid car batteries demand of 481 MWH, and pure electric vehicle battery demand for 774 MWH. Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of demand side, hybrid giant Toyota was 28%, tesla was 24%, Renault and nissan is 21%.

"Panasonic, tesla" dress

Panasonic has held the world and tesla's success are inseparable. , as shown in mid - 2012, tesla began to mass production ModelS of electric cars, has since panasonic battery market began to boom, it is understood that in 2010 the two sides began to cooperation in the four years, panasonic has provided more than 2 billion pieces for tesla lithium batteries, battery components.

, according to the tesla has just reported ModelS in the first quarter of this year's total output of 7535 vehicles, battery supply is always the cause of the limit capacity, CEO Alan musk (February ElonMusk) proposed a $5 billion m investment in a "super battery plant (Gigafactory) plan, he last week after the earnings conference call and said that tesla has been working with panasonic signed a letter of intent, the two super battery factories will work together to complete the project, improve lithium battery production. It is understood that the cooperation is expected to eventually signed at the end of may, but about the panasonic considering the potential investment risk, whether can eventually participate in the project there was a certain variable. If successfully signed, panasonic will gain huge profits.

The bianconeri

Lg chemical company (LGChem) and NEC is not a single brand suppliers, both batteries market share of 9% and 9% respectively, the multiple brands and models have made an impact on its market share.

Lg chemical battery purchaser including Renault, general motors and ford motor company, etc. Renault ZOE electric cars on the largest contribution to the lg chemical market share, but the current Renault ZOE's sales have declined from a year earlier, as well as the Chevrolet Volt (Volt) sales, leading to lg chemical is lose some market share. Ford focus electric version and Renault TWIZY is also used by lg chemical battery, sales of the two car remains low in the water

NEC and nissan LEAF (LEAF) sales growth to stable growth. According to nissan's data show that the leaf of the global sales hit the 100000 mark, currently in the global electric vehicle market share as high as 45%, become the most popular in the history of pure electric vehicles. NEC also became the world's second largest after the panasonic battery enterprises. In addition to the nissan, Renault KangooZ. E. and Renault FluenceZ E using NEC battery, the two models in the European sales remained stable.

GS yuasa, Japan (GSYuasa/LithiumEnergyJapan)/lithium energy batteries market share in early 2013 began to decline, as Mitsubishi outlander plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (OutlanderPHEV) battery supplier, the quality problem caused Mitsubishi motors (Mitsubishi) recall the model, three times a recall for the first time in April 2013.

Mitsubishi in Japan at the end of November, 2012 began to open to booking a plug-in hybrid outlander, in April 2013, mitsubishi motors in Japan recalled 3839 vehicles and temporarily out of the first batch of production, the reason is that in December 2012, the import of battery production line, apply too shock during the operation, lead to deformation of part of the metal parts lead to internal short circuit batteries, in the production line of filters, the interior of the cells changed, at the same time, the battery in the case of too much electricity produced some tiny pollutants. In June the same year, mitsubishi motors announced a recall of 4313 vehicles in Japan again PHEV outlander, simply because there is some models of lithium battery heating. In April this year, mitsubishi motors and announced the recall of 6517 vehicles in Japan PHEV outlander, to repair the battery software failure.

Due to the security check, mitsubishi battery factory closed for five months, until August 2013 to resume production. At present, mitsubishi outlander plug-in hybrid cars in European countries, in particular, sales in the Netherlands is higher, the first two months of this year accumulative total sales of 576 units. GS yuasa/lithium energy market share in Japan so recovered.

"Byd, the Chinese" in the future

As a world-class battery producers, at the bottom of the chart shows the byd's battery market share distribution, due to China's electric bus big orders and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle "qin" sell like hot cakes, byd battery market share continues to increase.

In march of 2014, China's new energy bus produced 1517 vehicles, including pure electric bus 547, and byd has produced 312 vehicles, more than half of the total industry output. "Qin" 1-4 month accumulative total sales of 3294 units this year, is currently in short supply, has reached more than 7000 unfilled orders. YanJiaoLin byd battery plant in charge of new energy automobile project manager said to the first electric press, because the battery capacity, the qin dynasty around the monthly production capacity of 800 vehicles, ongoing cell expansion construction, build HouQin capacity will increase to 2000 / month.

In addition, byd ke li, general manager of North America on May 4, on the Chinese investor warren buffett the shareholders meeting reception has revealed a battery capacity expansion plans, she said, with annual capacity of 6.5 Gwh factory may will be completed by the end of this year or early next year, by the end of 2015 the battery capacity or will be expanded to 10 to 15 Gwh.

If the capacity of 15 GWH once achieved, means byd will have ability and panasonic a relatively high and low.

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